r data pre-processing

R Data Pre-Processing and Data Management

Data Pre-Processing is the very first step in data analytics. You cannot escape it, it is too important. Unfortunately this topic is widely overlooked and information is hard to find. With this course I will change this! Data Pre-Processing as taught in this course has the following steps: 1.       Data Import: this might sound trivial 

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statistics in r

Statistics in R – R for Statistical Analysis

Is the Statistics in R course for you? Are you a R user? Do you want to learn more about statistical programming? Are you in a quantitative field? You want to know how to perform statistical tests and regressions? Do you want to hack the learning curve and stay ahead of your competition? If YES 

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graph in r

Graphs in R – Data Visualization with R Programming Language

R-Tutorials shows how to create convincing graphs in R Do you want to create overwhelming plots? Do you want to show your data crystal clear? Do you want your data to be understood by everyone? Do you want a versatile graphics toolbox? Do you want powerful formatting skills? If you anwered YES to some of 

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