Tableau for R Users – Explore Tableau 9 and Embed R Code

Explore the convincing power of Tableau 9!

Do you want to create overwhelming plots?

Do you want to show your data crystal clear?

Do you want your data to be understood by everyone?

Do you want a versatile graphics toolbox?

Do you want powerful formatting skills?

Do you want to add R functionality to Tableau?

If you answered YES to some of these questions – this course is for you!

Data is useless if you do not have the right tools to build informative graphs and tables (called views in Tableau). Plots need to be understood easily while being accurate at the same time. We gladly enlarge your data toolbox so that you can thrive in your career.

Tableau is a prime platform for all sorts of data visualization. By adding R analytics power to the software you can tremendously enhance the functionality of Tableau 9.

In this course you will learn

  • which Tableau product to choose
  • how to load/connect to different file types
  • how to store Tableau work
  • plotting different types of charts
  • creating tables
  • you will learn how to embed R code into Tableau and how to use R calculations in charts
  • and much more…

Once you finished the course, you will be a skilled Tableau data scientist. You will be able to use Tableau to optimally visualize your data. This knowledge can be applied in sales, management, science, finance, online business and much more.

Just take the course and explore the magic of Tableau 9!

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