r data pre-processing

R Data Pre-Processing and Data Management

Data Pre-Processing is the very first step in data analytics. You cannot escape it, it is too important. Unfortunately this topic is widely overlooked and information is hard to find. With this course I will change this! Data Pre-Processing as taught in this course has the following steps: 1.       Data Import: this might sound trivial 

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Proprietary vs. Open Source Analytics Software – Which one should I choose?

When it comes to analytics software and languages you will sooner or later have to decide which one you will use. There are dozens of tools available, some more in demand than others. As a data scientist you will find R and Python as popular open source statistical packages. On the proprietary side, you will find products like SPSS, Matlab, Stata or SAS. Since it 

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teaching principles

Our Teaching Principles

We dedicate our time to deliver high quality R training materials. To assure our standards are met our work is guided by the following principles: Efficiency – in our tutorials we focus on the elements of R which are crucial for every day programming. Once you learned a solid understanding of R through our materials, you can branch 

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