teaching principles

Our Teaching Principles

We dedicate our time to deliver high quality R training materials. To assure our standards are met our work is guided by the following principles:

Efficiency – in our tutorials we focus on the elements of R which are crucial for every day programming. Once you learned a solid understanding of R through our materials, you can branch out to your specific field. May it be biology, geology, hydrology, business, data science, and many more, with our knowledge you can master your field.

Exercises – mastering a skill means using it! Without exercises you will never get a solid understanding of a programming or statistical language. For everything we teach, we provide exercises to reinforce the lectures.

Fair prices – You pay for what you need! Our products are modular. We create several tutorials on different fields of R programming. If you do not need in depth knowledge in one of those fields you can just skip this tutorial and choose another one. In this way you do not need to pay the high prices for a summary or compendium product which contains material which you might not need.

Personal support – We care about our students! And we also love to interact with people on a personal level. Sometimes there are questions or demands which can not be covered within a video tutorial because it might be too specific. For that reason each student has the chance to ask questions and get personal guidance. One way to get this service is by using our contact form or by asking within the Udemy platform. You can also open a discussion in one of our Udemy courses.

Intuitive structure – we create our courses based on a clear vision. Some commands in R can be hard to understand if you do not know the basics – we are the first to admit that. Due to our experience in the field we know what steps to teach first in order to provide a logical course structure.

Expertise – our tutorials are created and taught by experts in the field. Martin is a scientist and biostatistician. He worked for several pharmaceutical companies using SPSS, SAS as well as R. Furthermore we have graphics designers and web developers on the team to assure our products are delivered in high quality and are widely available.

Free materials – we are happy to provide some free tutorials. This allows you to see how Martin teaches and how tutorials are structured. With those free courses you can also get a first impression about R. You can decide if you want to go with this language or rather choose Stata, SPSS, Matlab, SAS, etc.

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