R Level 1 – Data Analytics with R

Why you should consider taking a look at our R Level 1 course

  • Are you new to R?
  • Do you want to learn more about statistical programming?
  • Are you in a quantitative field?
  • You just started learning R but you do not want to struggle with all the free but unorganized material available elsewhere?
  • Do you want to hack the learning curve and stay ahead of your competition?

If YES came to your mind to some of those points – read on!

This Tutorial is the first step – your Level 1 – to R mastery.

All the important aspects of statistical programming ranging from handling different data types to loops and functions, even graphs are covered.

While planing this course we were using the Pareto 80/20 principle. We filtered for the most useful items in the R language which will give you a quick and efficient learning experience.

Learning R will help you conduct your projects and on the long run it is an invaluable skill which will enhance your career.

Your journey will start with the theoretical background of object and data types. You will then learn how to handle the most common types of objects in R. Much emphasis is put on loops in R since this is a crucial part of statistical programming. It is also shown how the apply family of functions can be used to do loops. According to the teaching principles of R Tutorials every section is enforced with exercises for a better learning experience. You can download the code pdf of every section to try the presented code on your own.

In the graphics section you will learn how you can create and tailor your graphs. As an example we are creating boxplots, histograms and piecharts. Since the graphs interface is quite the same for all types of graphs, this will give you a solid foundation.

This tutorial is your first step to benefit from this open source software.

Since data visualization is such an important part within data science you can also take a look at our Graphs in R course. This course gives you in depth knowledge about R plotting devices. Nowhere else on the web can you find such an extended course about this crucial topic.

What are the requirements?

  • interest in statistical programming
  • R and RStudio ready on your computer
  • basic understanding of statistics and data structure

What am I going to get from the R Level 1 course?

  • Over 69 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
  • this course will show you how the most common types of graphs can be produced with R base
  • you will get a good understanding of functions and loops in R which are very useful programming skills to have
  • you will get the necessary theoretical background for R
  • you will learn how to create and handle different types of objects
  • you will get fluent in the R programming language to master your specific quantitative tasks

What is the target audience?

  • scientists
  • data analysts
  • entrepreneurs
  • web developers
  • anybody interested in statistical programming

What our students think

“Content is Good. Very Comprehensive and informative for Beginners. Instructor delivery is very much engaging and motivating to learn R”

“I’m a new comer in R. This video lead me into R by the clear and systematic steps. This is helpful. This is also the first time I raised a discussion through the Udemy system. Thanks Martin for the nice lesson and engaging.”

“I thought this course did a great job in explaining all of the functions and arguments and so forth. I thought the exercises were great; challenging, but not too hard. I also really appreciated the fact there were ‘cheat sheets’ you could download after each section to keep for future reference.”


Start learning R today with our R Level 1 course

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